Web Freebies

Freebies can take a number of forms, inviting visitors to connect with your hardware. Free products can vary a taste of a book on your website. There are no rules about freebies, just ideas to help get your creative process flowing on what might work with your target audience.



Many companies use previews of products to entice customers to buy. Publishers can provide an overview of some nonfiction by displaying one or two chapters in books on their websites. Publishers of fiction books can offer five or six chapters for free on their website to “hook” readers wanting at the end of the book, creating a sale.


Free EBooks

Giving away an eBook on your website is a great way to increase traffic to your site. However, you offer free eBook should not be a book that you are actively trying to sell. Instead, make a related point. Short stories or a novel by an author whose novel you promote are good prints. Music producers can offer a song from a CD as a download to encourage consumers to buy the whole CD.


Free product with purchase

Offer a free product with the purchase of a book can increase your sales on the Web. Your free product can be as small as a bookmark or as big as an additional book. Offering a free book with a purchase is a great way. A free product can also be a “buy one get one free” offer for sale Where two books for the price of an encouraging your customers to use the book as a free gift. Again spread the word about your books.


Promoting Your Freebie

Once you have decided on the freebies you offer on your website, the next step is to let the world (or just your target audience) know that the product is available. There are a number of ways to go about it. First, place the free product information prominently on your web page at home. Then, include the information in the newsletters that you send to your customers. Write and distribute a press release the product for free.


Hopefully the ideas listed here will stimulate your imagination to bigger and better thoughts on this you can offer your customers and prospects to increase your website traffic….

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