Freebies Sites – Are They Real?

Freebies Sites


When people see hundreds of freebies banners every day, they despise them as SCAM artistes or internet. And I do not blame the millions who use the Internet every day and has never heard of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is promoting a service or product. For example, eBay and the promotion of their service in order to acquire new customers. This is what affiliate marketing is all about, promoting your business in order to acquire new customers, and in return you get paid for each new person you send them.


Now that we have that out of the way, you know the main reason for these freebies websites can afford to pay your donation. If you’re still not catching on and allow me to explain more deeply into the world of freebies.

On a freebies’ site, you sign up and complete an offer. Depending on which site you join, you may only need to complete one offer to acquire one credit or a couple offers to earn one credit. In any case, many reference sites pay $ 40 per referral. Some pay $ 80 per referral (but require 2 credits) and some pay $ 120 per referral (but need 3 credits). Once you meet the requirements YOUR offer, you send the amount of XX friends to do the same.


Once they have, you can submit your account for review. Once your account is reviewed and your approval, you can place your order and that’s it, you will receive the gift you have chosen.

So back to affiliate marketing, how is it compared to freebies’ sites? Well, for each offer you complete, the freebie site is paid for achieving this offer. They use the money they are paid for the purchase of your free gift. And of course, the freebie site not always works things so that they make a profit from your completing offers.

So now that you know how freebies workplace, the next time someone asks you “Have you seen that new freebies site and it really work? You can answer yes, and prove to them with your freebies if you decide to take after completing one of them.

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